The newest Armenians from Diyarbekir was indeed of a simple and easy character

The newest Armenians from Diyarbekir was indeed of a simple and easy character

ilies had dining tables, it absolutely was more common for eating ingredients sitting on straw mats on to the ground and you will from an excellent copper brgich (sini, tray). The girl of the house would suffice an element of the dish in the massive dish, close to cheddar and you can money, vegetation, and you will seasonal make. Your family create collect within the buffet, say the new Lord’s Prayer, and carry out eat with regards to wooden spoons, enabling on their own on the public pan .

It was a daily occurrent commit musafer (see anyone). Regarding the part named “We Decided to go to Understand the Bozoyents” of his guide, Margosian describes a night visit to home to the new Bozoyents loved ones. Seem to, there’s you don’t need to promote previous notice when visiting. Simply, after dinner, group would grab good kmbo (short kerosene lamp) to help you white their method and walking together with her on the interest. They’d knock on the doorway using the chakhchakhos (home knockers). If people they know had been in the home, the doorway would be established. If not, it implied which they was basically visiting other people. In this case, the household would choose various other home to head to. “I came while the musafers for you,” they will state, cut off its sneakers, and you may walk-in. Their friends would greet them cheerfully: “Mir klkhin vre, egek egek, ners mdik!” [“Acceptance, welcome, get real, become in to the!”].

The new males manage often play dama (Turkish checkers) and you can drink wine, because people manage knit and you can change information. Seniors, shortly after advising fairy reports to your more youthful, would doze from, huddled along with her in front of the hearth. The kids manage break walnuts on to the floor, up coming wrap the latest nuts inside the bastegh (grape leather) and you may eat playing .

Towards Sundays, several would go to chapel and you can serve as tbirs (acolytes)

There were multiple dated and large public showers into the Diyarbekir, and you may going to this type of shower curtains is actually an important part of lives having brand new city’s owners. The baths was indeed depending nearby the river, which means enjoyed a wealthy source of liquid. The new rich permanently hired djourous in this area. Djourou is normally interpreted while the tunnel, in this situation, it indicates a swimming pool. The ladies of one’s town perform send porters ahead toward shower enclosures using their legens (tubs), tsak-legens (absolutely nothing tubs), and you can kildans (packages with soap, luffas, and combs). Upcoming, having high service, all lady and children of family members perform journey a carriage toward shower, taking with them dining, chocolate, and juices. Without a doubt, the new baths were that lead so you can people going for brides for their sons. Brand new men’s room shower enclosures were in various property, and you can rather than brand new women’s showers, was open all of the time of the day .

Especially in the city, it was typical both for girls and boys to go to college holding its defters (do so instructions) and you may kelims (pencils). Immediately following going back home regarding classes, girls do assist the moms and dads with home-based functions – clean, sewing and you will mending, weaving, preparing, and you will embroidering. The fresh new men, meanwhile, do enter into apprenticeships that have craftsmen, and you can could help manage tasks outside.

They will thoroughly scrutinize the students females if you’re almost every other females offered advice or communicated so it-or-that candidate’s defects which have furtive glances

Margosian recalls your typical age relationships for females are 14-16, and also for males 18-19. When the a lady is actually 18 years of age but still unmarried, she is actually deemed to have “existed yourself.” When the a man turned 20 and you may had been unmarried, he had been “both intoxicated otherwise in love.” If either a person was 40 years old and you can don’t but really has grandkids, it absolutely was concluded that he/she had “not witnessed the white of your sunshine.”

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